Pets Add Life - The Committee for the Rapid Advancement of Pets

Pets Add Life is a non-profit organization (paid for by the American Pet Products Association) with one goal: encourage the public to get more pets. To put a cuter face on this human-led trade association, we adopted The Committee for the Rapid Advancement of Pets. This professional team of critters works tirelessly behind closed doors and pet-gates to promote the benefits of all domesticated animal companions.


Catabilities - Making Every Person a Cat Person

UGC campaign and contest for people to submit their favorite cat videos, take a quiz to discover their ideal cat breed, and then seamlessly find a cat near them via the plugin.

Promotional Videos from The Committee

The Committee for the Rapid Advancement of Pets is on a mission to make every person a cat person. But they need your support! Join the movement MEOW by uploading your best cat videos at

VENI, VIDI, KITTY! We asked for the best cat videos, and you delivered. The Committee chats with its Cat Influencer partners and announces contest finalists.



Catabilities Quiz (CLICK IMAGE TO QUIZ)


“Get a Pet” Page

Link to amusing, animal-promoting web copy for Pet’s Add