Adobe Lightroom

We created enjoyable and engaging social content for a community of nearly 2 million professional and skilled, amateur photographers.


April Fool's Prank


With his dry delivery and straightforward tips, Adobe vlogger Benjamin Warde hosts a weekly tutorial called Lightroom Coffee Break. Known for his editing skills, not his humor, we knew he would be the perfect (and least suspected) guy to carry out our April Fool's Day prank. 


We earned 280,000 media impressions, and were featured in 18 "Best April Fool's Day Prank" articles, including: Adweek, TIME, Yahoo! News, and TechCrunch. 


Lightroom Travel Memento


To generate audience engagement in a social campaign, we created our own patch, took some shots, and sat back as our audience commented with personal stories, shared photos, travel tips, and photography advice. Many fans even asked if they could get a Lr patch of their own—which we gave out as a surprise & delight experience. 

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